• In the face of growing economic & sector uncertainty, operating compliance and efficiency has never been so important.

    The value that effective software systems can provide in enabling care home operators to analyse and improve the management of their care facilities has long been recognised by providers of all sizes.

    Coolcare offers a comprehensive range of user-friendly elements across every area of care home management, consolidating them into one easy to use tool for assessing, planning, implementing and evaluating your care home operation.

    Coolcare is available on multiple devices making it more convenient than ever to manage your care homes. Regardless of which device you use, computer, android or apple, all you will need is an internet connection to access your Coolcare software.

    Introducing Coolcare

  • Caring for your residents forms the very ethos under which you operate.

    CoolCare assists you improve your efficiency and quality of care by providing a medium to collate all the documentation and information you require in a compliant, accessible and accurate manner.

    The intuitive navigation of the system enables staff to find all the relevant information they need to care for the individual straightaway, from the initial enquiry, through to personal details and fee information.

    Resident profiles include:

    • Resident overview
    • Full occupancy details and history reports
    • Fee information and invoices
    • Hospital visit tracking

    Caring for Residents

  • Hassle free HR means more highly trained staff spending more time with residents

    Managing HR is one of the biggest costs for care home operators. The Coolcare Staff module provides a straightforward and cost efficient platform for you to effectively manage all your HR functions:

    • Recruitment
    • Training
    • Staff appraisals
    • Time and attendance
    • Payroll

    Care Home Staff

  • Real time performance analysis wherever, whenever.

    The Coolcare dashboard is tailored to individual users within your organisation. Each member of staff can personalise their dashboard with job-specific features designed to assist them in carrying out their role as efficiently as possible.

    • Calendar Alerts
    • Reports
    • Messaging
    • Financial Analysis
    • Document Management

    Home Management

Why Coolcare?

Comprehensive & Great Value

Unlike other providers, Coolcare provides all the software you need to efficiently manage your care home in one place. All modules are included as standard and we pride ourselves on our transparent pricing.

Multiple Devices

All you need to use Coolcare is the internet. Switch on your iPhone, iPad, Android device or Windows computer and experience the benefits of Coolcare, whenever and wherever you want.

Industry Experience

Coolcare has been developed by care home operators, for care home operators. Drawing from our own experiences of running high quality care facilities, we understand what tools you need to help you run your care home and this is reflected in our user-friendly software.

Free Unlimited Updates

Every time the Coolcare software is updated, you will instantly receive a free software update.

Dedicated Training & Support

Our customers are our priority so whatever support you require or questions you may have, we're on the end of the phone, or an email whenever you need us. 95% of queries Coolcare receive are dealt with during the first call.


Relax and be rest assured that all your data is safe and secure with Coolcare. With our secure encryption methods, none of your client or staff information will end up in the wrong hands.

About Us

Coolcare is LNT Software’s latest and most intuitive care home management product. LNT Software is the fastest growing Care Management Software provider in the UK, employing a team of specialist programmers and advisers across a host of services and care operations. Having been designed with users in mind, Coolcare is the embodiment of our ethos of providing great value, comprehensive and userfriendly care home management software.

Founded in 1998 by serial entrepreneur Lawrence Tomlinson, LNT Software first came into being when, as a young man in his early 20’s, Lawrence recognised the need to improve efficiency within his own care homes. To fully achieve this vision, Lawrence required a highly functional and flexible software platform, which he designed himself under the auspices of Coolblue. Now, some 20 years on, we have launched Coolcare, an all-inclusive programme covering every aspect of care home management. Not only is the software faster, it includes individual dashboards which are tailored to the needs of each user - whether payroll, maintenance, marketing manager or Chief Executive.

Coolcare is also now compatible with multiple mobile platforms, such as iPhones, iPads, and android devices and gives staff more time to spend caring for residents rather than filling in paperwork. Owners can also access the system whilst on the move.

CoolCare incorporates all the latest technological advancements, making it faster and easier to use.

Get in touch with us to find out more on 0113 385 3853

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